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WIN THE PRIZE! Our offer is for real, send in your homemade videos and pictures of hot nudist swingers parties that you've filmed and you will win up to $2000 dollars for your effort. There isn't an other site like ours that combines real people and the opportunity to put their lifestyle and turn it into cash easily. The owners of Swingers Nudists love global travel and getting introduced to new cultures and different sex techniques. Did you know that in some places of the world women prefer to be on top, whereas in others they prefer to be on bottom? This is a fact, and it all boils down to who is more dominant. As you take the virtual journey through Swingers Nudists, you will see only real swinging nudes at beaches, private cabins, yachts and more. We've got beachside competitions and live party footage that turns into the hottest swinger fuck fests you will ever see. The videos on the site are all user submitted and we've paid out over 100,000 dollars to get you the exclusive content people never intended you to see! There's a whole lot of exciting videos and photos in our members area here at Swingers Nudists, come and explore the fun and maybe you will be encouraged to send in your private sex videos and WIN THE PRIZES!
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